Inflight Surf Shop

Scott Scarbrough and Missy Scarbrough

Missy and I live our passion for surfing every day. The love for the sport started at the age of eight when my uncle gave me a board, and I haven’t stopped surfing since.

I met Missy in the 80’s on 54th Street in Newport Beach when we were both on the Orange Coast College surf team. Like all surfers back in those days, we spent a few years traveling for great surf adventures in secluded parts of the world. Both of us eventually found our way back home and got hitched, and from there we built our lives around Inflight, which we opened in 1984.

Missy and I raised our three children on the ocean surfing, sailing, and fishing. All three of them took turns working in the shop throughout their time in high school. Inflight isn’t just a family-friendly store, it’s a family store. Together we brought extreme sports to Seal Beach by selling windsurfing, snowboarding, and skate gear, but surfing always remained at the core of the shop.

With over three decades of experience in the surf industry, our passion for the sport has only grown. We love nothing more than helping beginners find the right product, encouraging young talent to pursue their passion, and staying on the cutting edge of the surf industry.

We ride every board we sell, test every wetsuit and accessory we use, and can tell you which combo will work best for the location you’re surfing and the current conditions.

Yes, you could say we are living the dream, so come on in and say hey–we’d love to share it with you!

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