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Dark Arts construction boards are hand shaped stringer-less EPS blanks which are vacuum bagged complety wrapped in Carbon Fiber with 4oz fiberglass cloth under it on the deck.  This method creates a unique combination of flex, ultra light-weight and durability that is unlike any other construction you will find.  Our team riders have boards  that have barely dented on the decks after dozens of sessions and countless airs!  

The finsihed boards look like something from the future, beautiful black carbon with a flat matte finish, and the light weight will blow your mind when you pick one up.  Dark Arts craftsmanship is next level and we are stoked to work with them to see the progression of the boards as we move forward together.

An entirely unique riding/looking construction, Dark Arts seems well suited to most of our models and is especially great for adding some spice to your surfing in slower and weaker waves.

If you love the feel of your Ghost and Phantom, but want a shorter, chunkier board for smaller surf the Gremlin is the board you are gonna want!


Based off the Ghost DNA, it's the Step-Down cousin to the Phantom, with lots of extra volume packed into a shorter, wider, flatter rockered package designed for quick acceleration, easily sustained speed and great paddle power.


The Gremlin was made to get you excited about surfing on the days that are less-than-epic, and also to give you a taste of FunFormance that will get you fired up in any kind of surf.


The wider outline is complimented by a low entry rocker for easy speed and glide through the weakest, slowest sections, but we left curve through the tail rocker to keep it performance oriented and add to maneuverability.


The bottom runs from single to double concave, with a nice bit of Vee running of the tail.


This makes it a board that paddles easy, gets up and goes fast, and still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to get you the most out of every wave you catch.


Higher level surfers will want to ride this board as much as 4-6 inches below their height (and find that it actually has a full on high-performance side to it). A more intermediate level surfer will want to stick to something around their height.


It's also a great transitional board for the more beginner surfer who is ready to take the step away from their longboard (or whatever they have been riding) to a more FUNformance design! Whatever length suits you, it is meant to be ridden wider and thicker then your shortboard.


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