100% hand shaped

The Pyscho Twin

Built for speed down the line, tight cutbacks, and flow, the Psycho Twin is one of a kind. One-Off available now in Cherry Red. Classic vibe with a modern twist. 

The Shaping Bay

The most recent expansion to the shop, the Inflight Shaping bay allows you to watch your board be shaped in house. Get the full custom board experience by interacting with the shaper, giving input, and receiving feedback. 


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    Inflight Tank Tops.
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    Inflight Custom T-Shirts.
  • Longsleeves

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    Inflight Longsleeves . 100% pre shrunk.
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    100% Cotton and pre shrunk
  • Custom Surf Boards

    Custom Surf Boards (7)

    Since we opened up the shop in 1984, Inflight has been designing and building custom surf boards in house. The early history in the shop began with Windsurfers. During this period, Scott designed boards and expiremented with different constructions, as well as windsurfing everyday. Eventually moving all focus to our Surfboards, we have kept all the same dedication into improvement and innovation into our designs. Most recently, we have added a shaping bay into the 2nd floor of the shop, and producing boards daily. With longstanding models like The One, The Glider, Mini Log, are all classics in the mid range and long boards style. This last year, we have added to main production with the Number 9, WarPig, Pescados Quatros, and Super Squash. This run of more progressive shortboards crossed with grovel and paddle-ability fills the quiver for just about whoever you are. Boards are available in stock and for custom order.

The Grom Squad

The Inflight style has always been focused around the local kids and next generations of surfers in our community. To keep the kids moving forward, we launched our Inflight Grom Search holding free local competitions . Here is a gallery of all the crew from previous comps, and more to come!

credit: Wes Harding @lbbuilder
credit: Wes Harding @lbbuilder
credit: Wes Harding @lbbuilder
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