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55mm Clouds Red 86a Skateboard Wheels Ricta

55mm Clouds Red 86a Skateboard Wheels Ricta

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Ricta Wheel Dynamics 55mm Clouds Red 86a white, red core, debossed and pad printed lettering. Medium-soft urethane for filmer setups, skating ditches and rougher terrains.

Ricta Clouds are the most diverse cruiser wheel family in skateboarding. With sizes from 52-60mm and 78a, 86a, and 92a durometers, Ricta makes a soft wheel for any terrain or setup.

VIDEO: Clouds 86a are firm enough for the streets, yet soft enough for ditches and more. Available in three sizes, Weston Sparks skates the diverse terrain of the midwest on a set of 86a Ricta Clouds in 53mm.
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