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The Quickness template was designed for a balanced approach to wave riding. Fuller template for all around surfing. Great for surfers who have an aggressive style and like to attack the lip. Ideal for just about any condition especially when it’s pumping. Made with a honeycomb core to keep it lightweight, carbon fiber base for drive, and carbon fiber strips running to the tip for a lively springy feel.

Available in Sizes SM, MD, LG

Template: Balanced (Beach Breaks, Barrels, Point Breaks)

Construction: Honeycomb/Carbon Fiber

Small (Up to 155lbs (70.3kg)
Front Height: 4.47 Base: 4.34 Area: 14.51 Foil: Flat
Rear Height: 4.47 Base: 4.34 Area: 14.51 Foil: 50/50

Medium (140lbs to 195lbs or 63kg to 88kg)
Front Height: 4.58 Base: 4.45 Area: 15.25 Foil: Flat
Rear Height: 4.58 Base: 4.45 Area: 15.25 Foil: 50/50

Large (Recommended for Larger Size Surfers 175lbs + (79.37kg +)
Front Height: 4.7 Base: 4.62 Area: 16.06 Foil: Flat
Rear Height: 4.7 Base: 4.62 Area: 16.06 Foil: 50/50

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